Mental health in old age

For many people growing older poses new challenges. If they succeed in mastering these, elderly people can maintain or regain a high level of satisfaction, quality of life and fulfillment. On the other hand, however, many elderly people also develop mental disorders and psychological impairments. These include, for example, persistent grief reactions, depressive moods, fears, addictions and dementia.

The Praxis Isartal in Kloster Schäftlarn offers a wide range of diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic procedures, measures and trainings to stabilize and improve the cognitive and psychological condition and quality of life for elderly people. We have all the possibilities for diagnostic evaluation of forgetfulness or decline of mental abilities in old age.

We are gladly at your disposal for counselling and treatment of mental health problems in old age. On request, we will also be happy to give lectures or arrange information events for institutions and psychosocial services.