Prevention and health coaching

Our health is affected by many inner and outer factors, which influence our resistance to physical and psychological illnesses. Many of us are very busy, and our stress level is high. It is now proven that continued unhealthy stress not only leads to illnesses of the heart, but also to illnesses of the mind. Changes in the cortisone metabolism e.g. reduce the neural plasticity and lead to decreased functionality of the nerve cells. A reduction in performance, as in decreased attention span, decreased ability to focus and declining memory, have been traced to a shrinking of relevant parts of the brain, like the hippocampus. Furthermore there is a decreased exchange of neurotransmitters like serotonin and noradrenaline, which largely contribute to contentment and well-being. Hence depressive moods can arise. Depressive moods, as we know by now, can – by themselves or as a contributing factor – be responsible for an increased risk of heart attacks and Alzheimer dementia.

We offer a comprehensive health checkup as a preventive measure to psychological, psychosomatic and physical illnesses, in addition to the detailed and individual analysis of your risk profile. This checkup includes the assessment of your behavior, including eating and consumption habits, your sleeping habits, and your physical activity level.

In the Power Analysis we conduct blood tests, which indicate the current state of your body. Therefore we measure:

  • Stress hormons,
  • Serotonin,
  • Vitamins and Antioxidants,
  • Minerals und trace minerals,
  • Markers of the aging process.

Even when most levels are normal, what is important to see is how they work together and enable a balance that is optimal for our well-being.

Based on these results and reasonable medical criteria, we determine your personal treatment combination that enables you to reduce your risk factors, optimize your health, strengthen your immune system, and improve your performance. Soon, you will feel the benefits at home and at work, while also reducing your risks later in life.