Couple’s counseling and therapy

This is the first time in the history of mankind that people live together for as long as they do. But living together is not always peaceful and without crisis; the longer we live together, the more we face periods of change together. The most important areas with problems are the same for men and women:

  • communication about problems,
  • problems voicing negative feelings or criticism,
  • sex and eroticism.

In most cases, there is more than one problem and they are connected to each other.

If you are currently not able to discuss your problems with each other, couples therapy can be helpful to get the dialogue rolling. It’s certainly a better investment than to end communication with each other and to enter a legal fight about money and child custody.

The goal of couples therapy are to break open communication patterns to uncover the actual message behind what is said, to clarify expectations and needs, and to reconstitute acceptance and cooperation. Despite a lack of valid investigations, professional experience assumes that about 70% of all couples stay together after going through couple’s therapy. A successful couple therapy could also lead to a separation, in case the differences are irreconcilable and a life together is no longer possible based on those different beliefs.

As an experienced therapist with years of experience in couple’s therapy, I can provide you with counseling. To straighten out your issues and reenergize your relationship, you generally only need 10 to 12 sessions, in many cases even less.

In most cases, your health insurance will not cover the costs for couple’s therapy. Please ask your insurance for more information. The costs are calculated at the usual hourly rate.