Overview and philosophy

The Praxis Isartal offers you an extraordinarily versatile and integrative therapy concept with a multi-professional team consisting of doctors, psychologists, nurses and various other therapists and trainers. We do not only focus on conversations and medications, but also take particular account of the connection between body, soul and spirit.

Depending on the individual disorder condition, we will practice with you in concrete terms what you cannot manage. Through diverse therapies, even in nature or where it becomes difficult or at your home, we increase your self-confidence, promote your self-assurance and reduce fears, so that you can get back to fully live the life you want to lead. We work with methods aiming at understanding, insight and emotionality, which activate or calm you down, promote daily structure or awaken in you the joy of creativity and curiosity for something new. These methods are useful for finding new ways to deal with personal conflicts. In the following, some of these special treatment methods are explained.