Video consultations

In treating mental illnesses trust is of paramount importance. A good relationship with a therapist underpins the success of the treatment. Face-to-face meetings are essential to achieve this. However, due to various reasons it is not always possible to attend therapy sessions at the office. For example, this could be due to an acute crisis with too long a distance to the doctor or therapist. In those cases we offer you telephone or video conferences. Using these tools we may quickly and straightforwardly address problems, questions or options for intervention from home. A prerequisite for this is an established and reliable therapeutic relationship based on previous face-to-face meetings. Both, the patient and the therapist have to agree that this procedure is based on a trustful relationship and makes sense for both. However, therapeutic meetings using electronic media cannot replace face-to-face treatments. This should therefore be a well-justified exception. For videoconferences we use the certified program Viomedi which guarantees privacy and data protection. To use Viomedi, you do not have to download an App or a program. You will receive for a every single scheduled appointment a link via SMS or Email. This is how it works:
  • Please click on the link “Videosprechstunde starten” (start video conference).
  • After this, a window will open in your browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer and the webpage of Viomedi appears.
  • Please choose the option “Verbindung aufbauen” (establish connection).
  • You will see the message “Bitte warten Sie auf Ihren Chatpartner“ (Please wait for your chat partner).
  • Your doctor or therapist will recognize that you are online. In case he or she is still not available, please have a little patience and take care that that the browser window remains open.
  • Connection will be established as soon as the doctor or therapist enters to the conference.
Please take care that your camera and your microphone are in use. For the costs of this service you will be charged according to the regular session fees. Usually, health insurance companies will cover the costs for sessions using electronic media. Please ask your private health insurance provider.